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  1. @Dream Angel 00013283.upk 00013284.upk 00034167.upk 00034169.upk
  2. @Dream Angel Ya , i know where problem is I not have a Real Aransu Outfit , so that , i use Hoonmon outfit to replace Looklike it not work with Honmoon Replace Anyway, thank you very much
  3. @Dream Angel Sorry, i maybe give you wrong file, my bad (>_<) Ashley make origin Aransu to a Bikini Aransu , but some red silk ribbon behind Julia back make it not a bikini likely So that i simple want to remove Red Silk Ribbon from Aransu Bikini 00034167.upk
  4. @Dream Angel Thank you very much but i think you missunderstand my idea I wanna remove accessories from Bikini Aransu Oufit , not Original Aransu (T.T) It mean a Bikini Aransu Outfit without Back Accessories I am include file Aransu Bikini (source from Ashley) below, can you help me again Thank 00034167.upk
  5. My favorite character is Julia , and a Moder name @ashlay created a bikini from Aransu Outfit, it great [Hidden Content] But i think it will better if not have some accessories behind her back I already inbox Ashlay but he offline for a long time Can anyone remove it ? Sorry for my bad EN , Thank
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