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  1. Удалил, лень качать, но спасибо!!! У меня только вкладка "Ученики"
  2. @Blackfriday go \Blade and Soul One Click\config open setting.json and edit { "path": { "game": "E:\\Games\\Blade & Soul", "data": "contents\\Local\\NCWEST\\ENGLISH\\data", "tencent": "contents\\Local\\NCWEST\\ENGLISH\\CookedPC", "bns": "contents\\bns\\CookedPC" },
  3. @GLS Give me your mod files with the suit transfer, we'll make it work.
  4. @GLS I have not checked, take a screen now and circle what you want to remove, or did I not understand something? You check? Here is the model that you gave me with the texture applied, what's the problem? The hem is smeared with black (Alpha channel), so it is not visible in game. I remove parts of the armor from the model, I do not touch the textures.
  5. @Telli Don't forget to post your mods on our forum. We do not use an attachment to a forum post, we upload everything by adding a file. Here's a guide: Write me a personal message with the desired username and password.
  6. Dream Angel

    Imera Mods

    Это группа нашего модера @Imera
  7. @Imera я Тебя люблю, ты лучший, супер, спасибо!!!!
  8. Мы выдаем Вам доступ, а Вы не забываете публиковать свои моды у нас на форуме: Желаемые логин и пароль мне в ЛС
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